Kayaking on Lake Austin

We spend a pleasant afternoon with Yanfeng and Haihao couple on Lake Austin. Kayaking is a lot of fun! We paddled from almost the MoPac bridge to Lamar bridge and then back. The water is clear and cool. We saw a couple swans and turtles as well as numerous fish in the water. We can even enjoy free music from the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker park (without the 75,000 crowd and heat in Zilker). The pictures were taken from a Nokia 6600 and a Nokia 6230 camera phone. Even with digital postprocessing, the picture quality is nowhere near a regular digital camera. But we really cannot bring a big camera onto the water soaked kayak!

The Texas Rowing Center

Front door



Ju on the deck


deck again


Ju with her kayak

Haihao and Yanfeng with kayak

Paddle away!

We are ahead!

Juntao is paddling

Haihao, what are you laughing at?

In the shades

Ju's life jacket is bigger than life!


In action

The race

They are winning!

The rail bridge

Lamar bridge
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