Sequoia National Park

If you want to see the largest living thing on earth, come to Sequoia NP. The park is devoted to protecting Sequoia trees, the largest living things on the planet. Sequoia trees are the most mighty trees I have ever seen. Some sequoia trees were born more than 3000 years ago, long before the dawn of modern civilization. Sequoia trees can grow up to 90 meters, almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty. To sustain such incredible height, the base of the tree can expand more than 10 meters, easily be able to cover a three-lane high way. The weight of one tree is almost 40 times that of one blue whale, the largest living animal on earth. Standing at the foot of a sequoia tree, embraced by its regal power, one could almost feel the tree's soul and its wisdom from living thousands of years' history.

Tunnel rock

Big trees

A giant Sequoia tree

The bear

Sequoia Grove


Climbing Moro Rock

View from Moro Rock

Moro Rock

Drive through the tunnel log!

Sherman Tree

Tokopah Falls

Video clips

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A little bear

General Sherman Tree is the largest living thing on earth

Tokopah Falls

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