Seattle, Washington 2003/12

Seattle is a beautiful place. But in December, well, it rains practically everyday ... We did not take many pictures since we were there for work. But we did find a nice place on Queen Anne Hill to take the famous Seattle skyline. You can see Mount Rainier clearly at the back drop on a clear day. We would definitely go back in the summer when the weather is better!

Now, check out the 3 minutes video clip of our trip. As usual, the free QuickTime player is needed.

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A mansion

Queen Anne Hill



Seattle Skyline

Ready to fly

Space needle

Experience Music Project

The port

Whidbey island

Space needle and the experience music project

Night skyline

Night skyline

Night skyline

Night skyline

Night skyline viewed behind a sculpture

Space needle at night

Skyline in a sunny day!

Space needle

Can you see Mount Rainier?


Ski mountains

Take off
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