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GoldRush * 

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park in early Oct. Rocky mountain
already had its first snow and most of the park would soon be closed 
until the next spring. Yet, late fall is also one of most beautiful seasons
for the Rocky mountains. The aspen leaves turn gold and wild elks roam
the meadows searching for mates ...

Although we missed the peak of Aspen foliage by about a week, we still
caught some stunning scenery. We will let our camera tell the story ... Enjoy! 

 * (22 Slides) GlacierLakes * 

One of the most striking scenery in the park is Glacier lakes. Those high altitude lakes are surrounded by mountain peaks and they are the perfect reflection pools. The rocky mountain is the origin of the mighty colorado river -- the mother river of the American west. In the park, we get to see the Colorado river in its infancy while it is still a little creek.

 * (17 Slides) RockyMountain * 

Trail Ridge Road is the higest altitude highway in th US. At more than
10,000 feet, it cuts through the Rocky Mountain National Park and offers 
some of greatest mountain views we have seen. Along the road, we pass through
the continental divide between Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

 * (22 Slides)

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